Opposite Roles

Since I’m a new mom I’ve been enjoying every minute I have with my child. I waited a long time to have a baby, so now that I have this realized dream I never want to take it for granted.

I’ve resumed working full-time and have been surprised at how tired I am after a full day of work. For some reason I completely erased this from my memory when I was on maternity leave. I’m disappointed because I don’t have the energy to spend the quality time I’d like to with my daughter. That sorta hurts.

Since the economy has been so poor I’ve noticed more women are working mothers and their husbands are staying home playing daddy daycare. I’m one of those and I consider myself fortunate – it’s way better than daycare. My husband is going to school and looking after our daughter during the day. He’s really enjoying his time with her and I love that. I am working and spending each moment I have with both of them and that’s great too.

Here’s the “but”. I wish we had a role reversal. I’ve been angry with a society that has put pressures on women to forego their family to seek a career. I’m supportive of women’s rights but we should have a right to do stay home if we want to. Unfortunately, our world requires us to have two incomes and it’s hard to survive otherwise. In this economy, I’m sure there are families that are learning to live on much less than one income!

I wonder how many women would opt for being a stay-at-home mom rather than work if they could afford it? Those that do have the ability to, should definitely count themselves as one of the lucky few. Single moms, I feel for you, because you don’t have a choice and that has to be extremely painful.

I know many women are fine with working, but I would love to be at home with my daughter. Since I waited so long to have her, being away from her is sometimes unbearable. At times it seems like a cruel joke. I would rather my days be filled with poop and giggles instead of the stress work produces.

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