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I’ve been wanting to share recipes on this blog, but I’m finding as a new “working” mother….who the hell has time to eat? I used to cook everyday and both my husband and I were plump and happy (not really but it creates a good visual). I belong to a organic co-op farm in Puyallup, WA called  Terries Berries and I come home each week with a bounty of fresh yummy goodness. This summer after I had my daughter most of those veggies rotted or I gave them away. Dealing with a newborn, I had it burned in my brain to eat when I can even if it’s a handful of nuts or a piece of cheese.

Now that I’m back at work, I still have all the yummy goodness in my refrigerator, but I’m not using it unless I crockpot something or make a soup. At some point the husband will get sick of liquid meals. In order to adapt, my new creative endeavor is to make up as many variations of a salad as I possibly can. My husband Jon is very excited to eat eggs in his salad, and that is now one of the main ingredients I work around.

Here is my favorite salad so far. If anyone has suggestions for others or soups please chime in 🙂

Jeni’s Salmon Salad

Two Dinner Plates filled to the brim with spinach and/or any type of lettuce             

1/4 ea filet of cooked salmon or chicken breast pieces

1/4 ea Cucumber sliced

1  ea small cooked Yukon Gold Potato cut into squares

1 ea – 6-8 Fresh Cooked Green Beans

1 ea hard boiled egg

1/2 Avacado equally divided for two plates

1 apple sliced and equally divided

1 ea handful pecans chopped

Honey Mustard Dressing is the best on this one! mmmmmmmmm

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