I Heart Apple

Today I figured out the best invention for nursing moms. It’s the IPad. Ahhhmazing! Let me just tell you how much this uncomplicated my life.

I have had a tough time banking online, blogging, checking email etc. a smartphone only gets you so far. This has allowed me to multitask like never before and my baby loves to touch it while I’m working on it (it does make it challenging but fun). It’s so much easier than firing up the laptop and trying to use a mouse with one hand and a holding a baby in another. I was only frustrating me and boring my baby.

This is my first Mac product and I’m so impressed. The buying experience was a seamless process. Apple surely has their business down. Their products sell themselves and payment was done through a hand held device. I’m such a dork, I thought it was awesome to see something like that work. I graduated a year ago with a Business degree so suddenly all my homework seemed worthwhile!

Oh Apple how I love thee…

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One Response to I Heart Apple

  1. nbonds007 says:

    I ❤ Apple too! I'm glad you like it! How cool is it to get something so high tech and it doesn't even come with instructions?! People just know how to use it! And don't feel like a dork because the way you pay for items at Apple is SAAWEET! I wish a lot of stores had those hand held devices! Apple definitely focuses on making things easier. Enjoy!!!

    PS: Like to new look!

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