Thankful For…

Me and M

I have been reading about the pains of motherhood today. I completely understand and relate (a smidgen since my journey is just beginning). When I get home, my husband looks for baby relief since he is home with her all day. Work exhausts me and it’s hard to immediately switch over to mommy. It’s difficult to never have an off switch!

Today I have found more things that I’m thankful for than things I hate. Since I’ve had a baby, I have transformed into this person who wants to capture time in a bottle (like the old song says). I don’t want a second to go by that I’m not with my daughter and hubby. We all know that’s not possible, but its my goal to enjoy every second I have with them. Soon my daughter won’t want to be held anymore and then she will be creating her own world with friends and finding independence. Before I know it she will be married and I don’t want to be at that point asking where the time went.

Life is so short and after trying to conceive for so long everything to me is a joy. I’m determined to squeeze every drop I can out of it. I’m probably nauseating but I know it’s the only weapon I have to annoy 🙂

Things I’m thankful for:

My sweet daughter’s smile when she sees me

Hearing her giggle

Poopy diapers that explode


Mornings in bed with Jon and M

The smell of baby

Watching M discover toys and how to roll

Being tired all the time (this too shall pass)

Spit up on everything


A messy house

The list could go on and on. I love my life!

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2 Responses to Thankful For…

  1. Miss Kris10 says:

    Look at that pretty baby! We need to see more pics! They’re so precious before they get their first piercing 😉

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