8 Ways to Crazy…Well Maybe Less

Today I was pondering my quirky friend Kristen who I miss something awful. She will always be my hero. She’s currently collecting cats and pics of people abandoned at the goodwill or antique stores.

I’ve always felt a sadness when looking at their lost lives but Kristen resurrects them. She must have felt their yearning for a loving home because she adopted a large Texas family complete with the ten gallon hat and the large Elvis belt buckle, all enclosed in a tacky gold frame. The large picture hangs proudly on her wall. It’s a family portrait from the 70s so all the children have plaid on and ginormous buck teeth. It’s at least a conversation piece. To me it felt as though their eyes were following me everywhere.

Speaking of cats, we knew this woman who loved cats so much she hoarded them. I used to get colorful kitty Christmas cards for my cats from her and quotes for pet insurance. She was truly a sweet lady so I always gave her the kitty clothes my ex mother in law would give me (a denim shirt complete with embroidered cats in cowboy hats and boots or a nauseating smiling kitten frolicking in a bird bath with the loveliest blue birds). Our friend couldn’t keep the crazy too far in check though, she ended up debuting in the paper looking deranged with ratted flaming red hair; yelling, complete with a moo moo and fist in the air as they took her 20 cats away. No one had a clue. I still love that lady though. I will always have a smile when I think of her.

My husband accuses me of hoarding. I love trinkets and oddities but I’m not darting around dead kittens and raccoon poop while climbing over stacks of last years TV dinners.

The worst crazy I have is hiding thing from burglars and forgetting where I put them. I am currently into a year of searching for my video camera.


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