Whiskey Pot Roast

Well today it’s stormy and cold. When our winters hit here in the NW, I always look for ways to comfort myself and others through food. Today, trying to exercise some creativity through food, I have made a Whiskey Pot Roast. This is an amalgamation of a recipe I found somewhere a while back. I’ve added my own twist on it since I’m a lover of garlic and citrus.

This is a recipe that cooks the meat separately from the potatoes and carrots. I will probably roast some brussel sprouts and pair it with a baked potato instead. Since I’m pressed for time as a new mom, the crockpot is my hero on this one!

1 Crockpot

1 Beef Roast

1/2 C Whiskey

1/2 Lime Juice

1/2 Cup Soy Sauce

1/4 C Brown Sugar

1/2 C Chopped Fresh Cilantro

Put in Crockpot on High for most of the day (couple of hours), low for a few more and viola! Dinner is served!

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