Create a Vision Board

This weekend I’ve been unsettled. Winter is here and I feel a shift in the atmosphere. It makes my teeth itch as it normally does. I get like this a few times a year and it causes me to re-evaluate my life. It can be an internal or outward change that I seek, but it always sends me on a personal journey in search of some peace for my soul.

One thing that’s been on my mind as I look forward to the next year is making a vision board. Here is one I did a few years back. It culminates a few areas of my life. On one side I have my dream to grow old with my hubby, to have a baby (we tried to conceive for a few years), and the other side is my deep-seated urge to travel, and of course anything that would cause me to grow as a writer.

I can honestly say that it was fun to do this in one afternoon. I felt like I was back in grade school with my scissors and Elmer’s glue! I can’t tell you exactly how this works but it seems to be magical. I’ve seen the start of this in my life. I do know this isn’t a list of ridiculous wants that you compile for a Santa-like God or Universe. This is something your soul feels in the deepest parts. Example: I’ve known that I wanted to write since I was six. My life has taken successive steps to become this writer and I believe the vision board helps me dream and visualize the next step for growth.

I’m a believer in faith. The kind that looks impossible to everyone around. Since I’m a spiritual person, I also believe that my God is bigger than any problem I have. Anyone can say the same thing about the deity or non-deity they believe in but it takes faith.

Here are a few articles on dream boards to help make sense of it all. Oprah had a good one that explains the concept

Mike Dooley with also has much to say on vision boards among other things.

To start you will need:

1 large poster board


Glue stick

Old magazines of interest to you

Go through your magazines and cut out words or pictures that speak to you.  If you like the colors or image, it can be anything but it has to mean something. Dig deep. Then just cut out and place on your board till your heart’s content.

This may be cheesy but it’s made me a believer. I’ve weathered rough waters in my relationship and now have a daughter to show for it. I’m in my late thirties so the baby thing looked bleak, especially after a previous marriage had wasted my entire twenties. I’m even more ready to move forward.

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