Lessons in Love

Love can be magical or it can be a dagger we choke on. One form of love that we see everyday,  and possibly take for granted; is that of a dog. I have learned so much from mine. His name is Buddy (real original right?) He has many nicknames – bootsy, butros, boo boo, boobie, bubba, bubby and lets not forget asshole 🙂

He’s been a pillar of strength for me in my darkest hours. In fact, when I got divorced, I was packing my first box (I was married for 12 years) and I was sobbing. He sat on my lap and let me snot all over him. I’ve never had a better friend than that! I made sure he went with me. I knew I couldn’t get through a time like that without my dog.

He’s been the goof that makes me laugh so hard I could pee my pants and he has loved me when I’ve been ugly, fat, sad, angry, or happy. He is always there to say good morning and goodnight. He is attached to my hip and herds the cat when he’s bored; we can’t walk without tripping over him. He lays in raccoon poop, eats roof tiles and cat turds – I should also mention eats gum out of people’s purses. He has a sensitive stomach and snores. My list could go on forever.

Dogs are silly and love us regardless of who we are. They don’t judge like humans do and I find so much comfort in that. I like myself so much more when I’m around my dog; knowing that he accepts me as I am. I truly believe they can see the bottom of our hearts, in our purest form. We were all born with a chance to live and love fully. We learned our poor behaviors from people and from the nastiness the world possesses. I think dogs see us at our beginning, loving us as our true selves – just as we were as infants.

I don’t want my life to be absent of fur and slobber. I always want a critter around to lighten the mood. They will teach me and my family the importance of life. It’s not fame or fortune, but LOVE that can heal all wounds.

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2 Responses to Lessons in Love

  1. Wendy Faker says:

    Norman agrees.

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