Inspiration Station

It has been an extreme challenge this week to blog. The bustle of the holidays, having a small child at home, and working full-time has caught up with me. My frustration made me realize that my creativity is blossoming in a subtle manner and my environment has helped cultivate it.

My creativity has been working behind the scenes growing each time I press a key on my keyboard or if I spend time with a friend. Every experience I have is an opportunity for growth and it happens when I least expect it. My daily routine becomes magical if I allow it. A normal trip to the store can be what I need to spark creativity and tackle my next painting, writers block, or whatever my project may be. Getting out of my normal environment or routine is the key.

I find inspiration in unexpected places.  Driving home I saw a guy stretching at a bus stop wearing an eye patch and smoking. He would make a great character in a story (I never see people wearing eye patches).  Another example was given to me by another…. I was grumpy and she made me appreciate a sunrise that looked like it was made of fire.  My crabass was reminded of things to be thankful for, like a new day. We as artists should always take a deep breath and pause. Pausing helps us look around and find inspiration especially when look for the blessings in life.

In honor  of exercising our creativity, whether it’s writing or something else, I have included a two links that may whet the appetites title of those who are right brained souls.

One inspiration that has helped keep the flame alive for me over the years when I procrastinate or have cursed my laziness is Julia Cameron. I can read any chapter in one of her books and I am comforted into a calm creative place where I can explore. She revamped her website and I would encourage you to take a peek.

I am always on Writers Digest reading articles and finding other resources. If you are a writer, this is a must.

As my time is limited, I can only leave you with a few of my faves. I will post more in the future.

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2 Responses to Inspiration Station

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Ooo, love the bus stop find. Stretching and an eye patch? I mean, I could totally see it. Hooray for right brained souls!

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