How do you Create?

Creating despite life and its demands, is the area I’ve been contemplating for the past few days. I thought I would have extra time with family in town – not sure where I dreamed up that fantasy:)

It was nice to have baby occupied for short periods of time. Unfortunately I baked cookies instead of painting like I wanted to. I fell off my imaginary diet, hid my frustration in cookie batter, and I’ve been bingeing for two days now.

When I was childless, my main problem was being too tired (I’m not sure of what, since children bring that to a whole new level).Turns out it was just an excuse to avoid the underlying issue of laziness. Right now, I love every minute with my daughter.  Looking back though, I wish I had appreciated laziness for the luxury that it was.

Am I the only one who has this love hate relationship with their art? Why would anyone avoid something their crazy about? We don’t do it when we fall in love with someone. Why is it different?

One way I have motivated myself over the years is writing in my darkest hour. Not because I’m bent toward wallowing, but it was a spark for creativity. Creating when life doesn’t make sense usually helps me wipe away the smudge on the glass so I can see clearly.  These unseen, unsettled issues cause me to reflect and write. On the flip side it can cause me to ignore my creative love. Who wants to look at the ugly face of life and confront it? I’d rather shove it down and keep moving. I know too well though, that if I choose to do the latter, it can cripple me.

I realize that I need to find ways to create every day, regardless if I’ve classified it as a good or bad day. Whether I have laundry or I’m short on time because I’m taking care of my family. The key is to create in the middle of my mess, whatever that mess may look like. I guess that is what lunch at work is for (even that is a challenge).

When do you take time to indulge in your art? How do you stay true to your craft and to yourself? I would like to hear your thoughts if you care to share them.Photobucket Image Hosting

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8 Responses to How do you Create?

  1. Loved the way you describe finding illumination out of darkness. Beautiful post.

  2. Dorcas says:

    I guess, I’ve found a place to leave my art out and available to me, even if it is only for 10 minutes in the morning before I shower. That doesn’t always work for everyone, though. Sometimes reading art books is enough to make me think about new techniques and come up with new ideas. I’ve taken to carrying a sketch pad with an ink pen, just to capture ideas that I might use later. Even pressing leaves or flowers makes me feel like I’m taking a step toward a painting. And sometimes, life’s rythmn’s are telling us that right now is not the time. Your writing is filled with imagery, even if you haven’t put it down with a paint brush (smile).

    • weelilwimsy says:

      I guess the key is to make sure you do something everyday regardless of what it is. If it feeds your creative spirit it’s serving a purpose. I get a lot of joy from just cooking. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. What a treat to have you share your blog! You write beautifully and it is fun to peek into your world. I too struggle with creating art (I have no good reasons not to). It seems like I waste hours and days. At least the dogs get plenty of attention 🙂 I always feel so much better when I work in my art journal. It seems to be the getting started that is the most challenging part.

  4. weelilwimsy says:

    I love your creativity. You have really blossomed over the years and your mixed media art is amazing. I guess we all struggle with creating. I think it’s about putting ourselves aside in order to allow the creativity to flow through us. It’s so hard to do…I totally agree that it’s hard to get started, but once we do it’s smooth sailing!

  5. lahgitana says:

    Good morning, Jeni! When I am not actively creating art in my workshop, I try hard to have my brain’s third eye working so that I EXPERIENCE the world through an artist’s eye, see the possibilities for translating into my art form. It is a slowing down and allowing observations to take shape in my head instead of those visions being fleeting moments with no memories built.

    The power of the interconnected creative Universe continues to startle and delight me, so much so that I am filled with a transcendent joy, much like you describe “putting ourselves aside in order to allow the creativity to flow through us.”

    Happy blogging!

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