My Wish For The New Year

I just spent 3 hours with a wonderful friend of mine. I can’t remember when I’ve had such a meaningful time with someone. We always have fun together, she’s full of laughs and our humor is juvenile, so I can’t say that we never have “meaningful” moments, but today was especially great. This past year she found out she has Leukemia and is waiting for a transplant. Tomorrow she goes in for, hopefully, her last Chemo treatment.

The past few months have been hard on her and her family but she has remained joyful in it all. I’ve never met someone so strong and I admire her courage in more ways than I can explain. Today we laughed and played with M. I love how children have an innate ability to brighten people’s lives. Seeing my daughter bring happiness to someone who needed a break from life felt fantastic. We laughed as M tried to pull out D’s last two hairs,  and M’s fascination with her pillowy bosom (I lost out in that category). It was good to see her laugh and enjoy the moment as if cancer didn’t exist.

This year I make no resolutions and push my selfish wants aside for 2012. My only interest and wish for the new year is my friends recovery and for her to have a long cancer free life. This is her second bout of it and I’m hoping it’s her last.

I am sure each of us knows someone that has cancer or has been affected by it. Please take a moment and start the new year off right, by saying a prayer or sending a healing energy toward someone you know fighting their own battle. If you don’t know anyone do it for the collective that are currently fighting it.

Also please consider giving to a charity to make a difference in the lives of those that need it so we can find a cure. I’ve listed a few charities below that I believe in. I have given to the ones that have touched my heart in honor of my friend today.      St. Jude Research Center             Leukemia and Lymphoma Society     The American Cancer Society   Komen for the Cure    Ronald McDonald House     Live Strong

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