Legacy Lessons

Over the past week I’ve watched my fill of Whitney Houston biographies. Yeah, so we have had another reckless death…so what? I too would probably have that reaction, but her death seems different. As I’ve watched the coverage of her life, I think I have learned that her life and death – tragic as it was – wasn’t really what it seemed. Through her struggle, her life was given meaning, and in all of the mess it was made beautiful.

I think she was different than others who have died at a young age. On the surface she seems the same, but on the inside I think she truly struggled with good and evil. Any of us that have a spiritual side; who strive to be better day by day understand this. She knew truth, stepped away out of fear, and found herself living in regret; always trying to fix her mistakes. I’ve been there before. Not to the extent she had with drugs, but I’ve gotten off course and struggled finding my way back to the core of who I am. That journey is difficult, and at times unbearable. In essence she was trying to follow her North Star but never seemed to reach it.

What I have learned from her life is this:

1. It’s never too late. Even though we get off course, we make mistakes, and we feel like failures; we can recover.

2. Our gifts are powerful. Her life was a double edged sword and it showed me how powerful our gifts truly are. We just need to believe in ourselves enough to achieve the impossible.

3. We should never be afraid to love.  Whitney loved deeply, and to a fault. I’ve been there. I understand. We allow others or things to have some form of control over us. She loved with the intention of helping someone. She tried to lift up someone who wasn’t as genuine or kind, and unfortunately he took advantage. She made large mistakes because of it but…

4. Her life in the end was real. She gave it what she had, traveled her own path, and learned about forgiveness and love. I believe that is her legacy. How many of us would have the courage to live our mistakes in the spot light?

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4 Responses to Legacy Lessons

  1. Dorcas says:

    Beautiful post. Thanks for lifting her up.

  2. Bongo says:

    We can all learn and teach others through our lives. Glad you chose to find the beautiful in Whitney’s. Thanks for a touching post.

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