Genius in Paint

I first discovered Vladimir Kush when I was in Maui a few years back. He had an entire gallery devoted to his original paintings. I was hooked. I had never seen anyone capture my brain on canvas before. Once you see his art I think you will either think I’m nuts or you will completely get me 🙂 I live in a world of imagination. It was like I found my soul mate in art!

I have been longing to paint. I miss the creative time I used to have. It’s been replaced with being a mom (which I wouldn’t trade for the world), and I know I will eventually get that time back once she gets older. Until then, I will live vicariously through others; admiring and praising their work.

I have posted a beautiful video of Vladimir Kush and his art. Please visit his gallery site at if you wish to see more. He has an amazing collection and each one will take your breath away. The video is set to Sarah Brightman singing (which I also love). So enjoy your time wandering through his world of surrealism. It truly is breath-taking!

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6 Responses to Genius in Paint

  1. BB_Baker says:

    I saw an exhibit he did in San Francisco last year. I’d never seen anything of his before and my wife and I were both amazed at his work.

  2. Bongo says:

    This is awesome! What an imagination.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. These are incredible images. I’m going to take some time to look into this artist’s work.

    • weelilwimsy says:

      I’ve never felt so connected to a persons art. The instant I saw his, I thought….this is how I would paint if I was able to. I paint, but it’s so elementary compared to his talent. Enjoy! He’s amazing!!

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