Intuition and Creativity

~The beginnings of all poetry is to suspend the course and the laws of rationally thinking reason and to transport us again into lovely vagaries of fancy and the primitive chaos of human nature~ August and Karl Wilhelm von Schlegel

Can intuition be instrumental in the creative process? I believe everyone has it. Women are told to listen to it and never cross it. It’s almost a right of passage for mothers to tell their daughters about how it works. I think for most of us, we either don’t know how to define it or we don’t know if we have ever used it, but every woman agrees we have it somewhere!

I have met men that have the same ability, so I believe it is not just limited to women. I think as children we all possess this “intuition” and through our circumstances and life’s journey, it dwindles. As we move into adulthood we begin to operate out of logic. As we all know, logic and creativity have a hard time existing side by side.

My latest struggle is with writer’s block. Many things contribute to it, like finding enough time to write. My excuse is the handy-dandy crutch to get out of confronting my nemesis. I can say that this blog has been an outlet to get words on paper – so to speak. I find if I’m tired or struggling internally to produce though, I can’t. Excuses abound.. and truth be told, before I can move forward I have to tackle those hurdles.

Through the pain of writers block, and life’s obligations, I’ve been trying to tap into my intuition to create. I believe it will eventually bring me to the space where children live when they color, draw, or make macaroni necklaces. I’ve always liked that their imaginations are limitless and when it comes to creation, they  just do it. They never over think it. It’s simple, and it makes them happy.

The more I think about this, the more I’m convinced that letting go is exactly what I need to succeed in creating. When life throws curve balls and we can either react or remain steady by letting go of anxiety or worry, I think we can do the same thing when it comes to creating.

When I paint, I find that it’s easier for me to tap into that zone than it is for me to write. Writing is much more technical, so my perfectionist tendencies start to take over, and my inner critic rises showing her ugly teeth.

Painting however, is something that feels like I’m blissfully disconnected and tapping into something higher than myself. My ideas are fluid and it transfers easily to the canvas. I lose track of time when I am here.

My question for all of you is this…

1.    If writing is your thing, where do you experience this disconnected satisfaction of creativity? How does it work for you?

2.    If you paint, or create in other media, what is your process and how does it feel?

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4 Responses to Intuition and Creativity

  1. Bongo says:

    Sometimes when I’m writing I simply have to discipline myself to sit at the computer and place my fingers on the keyboard. Once I get going something usually comes out. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect because I’m going to have to go back and edit it anyway. Painting is newer to me and I still have to get over the fear that I’m going to screw up each painting – and just paint.

    • weelilwimsy says:

      I’ve had to learn to silence my inner critic with the first draft. It’s very freeing to JUST WRITE. I think the key to good creativity is just letting go, becoming carefree. I also think that setting an appt and keeping it (to write) might be something that will help me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. BB_Baker says:

    I have to have a set time to write. I work during the day so my writing time is at 10, after the kids go to bed. I also have music playing in headphones.

    The music depends on the story and what is happening in the story. I’ve tried writing without music and nothing happens. The music also depends on the genre. With me lyrics don’t matter, I can write with or without them. It just becomes white noise, but it silences the outside world. This works best for me. My wife and others wonder how I can turn the lyrics off and not write the song, I just can.

    Hope this helps. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get words on the page without a struggle. I can’t paint, though my wife does.

    • weelilwimsy says:

      I also use music to get into my quiet place. I have used different genres in the past, but I truly prefer classical. It helps me to focus and get all the cluttered noise out of my head. Thanks so much for sharing. You remind me of how important it is to take time to get into my “space”

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