Makeup for Dummies

I recently read an article on makeup. Yes, there are a lot of articles out there. Secrets, color variances in lipstick, eye shimmers, brow lifting tricks etc. What’s so special about this one? After subscribing to makeup mags for years I actually found an article that shared decent tips I’ve not read a million times over. Afterwhile, regurgitated bronzing methods and matte finish lip how to’s are nauseating.

So, for those of you that want something fresh, I encourage you to read this article. Loved it!! I tried the bronzing tip today and it worked. Hooray! I’m not a pasty-like vampiress in the Northwest anymore! Bring on the summer, I’m ready!!

6 secrets I learned at makeup artist school.

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3 Responses to Makeup for Dummies

  1. wheetnee says:

    I’m bookmarking that link! Thanks!

  2. audrakrell says:

    I had just been wishing for some new make-up tips, thank you!

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