Vegan Schmeeeegan

I get excited about quite a bit in my life. Typically, I fly from one adventure to the other. It does not mean the previous way of doing things is “out”, but I love trying different things to mix up the monotony in life.

Cooking is one way I am expressive in my creativity. I get bored eating the same old stuff all the time. I have  turned into someone that habitually looks for new recipes, and as a result, I have a cookbook collection that drives the husband crazy.

With the reinvention of “healthy food”, I decided I would try and explore the scary often unappetizing world of vegan. I’ve not cut the meat out of my diet (rather I have reduced it). I  have no intentions, as I am a carnivore at heart, but I equally love veggies and low fat alternatives. There is nothing wrong with blending the two worlds for a yummy balance.

I was given some excellent resources from a friend that went vegan a few years ago. As I am starting out on this new journey, I can guarantee these things have been around for a long time. Seasoned vegans, please bear with me and celebrate my new love of creative expression. For those of you that have never ventured…explore…create…enjoy!

Butler Foods – Soy Curls

When I first saw these I thought they looked like pork rinds. mmmmmm (I am a fan! Nothing better than a beer and a bag of fried fat). Instead, they are made from soy and are used as a meat subsitute. My friend brought me a few pieces, and I made a pulled pork/chicken (whatever I wanted it to be). I was pleasantly surprised! It truly had the consistency of meat (even looked like chicken pieces). I felt satisfied, and not full or heavy, as with meat. I’m going to order some to see what else I can do with it 🙂 Watch out husband here it comes – he will be soooo excited!!

Bryanna Clark Grogan

She is someone I am exploring. She has a ton of innovative vegan recipes and they look like they will be tasty! I am interested in trying her vegan bacon salt!! How can I have bacon flavor without all the grease? I must be dreaming! This would solve so many of my flavorless dilemmas while cooking. If any of you have tried her recipes, let me know how you liked them! I also hear she has a butter substitute that tastes like the old Mazola!

Appetite for Reduction and How it All Vegan! are two cookbooks I am currently working through. I like some of the recipes; most are fantastic, especially the sauces. There are delicious tofu and Tempeh recipes that are quick to make, which is a bonus when you have a baby. I can throw slices of either on a salad and go!

So there you have it. Vegan for beginners. I am finding it’s easy to apply, but the protien quotient is rough. It’s a learning process for sure!

For those less than enthused about vgan recipes, I will post a fattening recipe my next go round, full of meat and dairy! I promise!!

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