Like the winds our lives can change direction in an instant. How we handle that change can either damage our path, or it can be a smooth transition to a happier place. Often times change is not something we welcome because it can be viewed as a nuisance or a hurdle that we have to climb.

I’ve learned to embrace change. I used to worry about everything and it only made things worse. At times, change has been like a surgical knife that cuts me open, slicing and dicing until I feel there is nothing left of me. However, like a skillful plastic surgeon it tends to make me beautiful if I allow it to do it’s job.

The main source of change in our lives is typically brought about by others. Sometimes it can be mean, or it can feel that way depending on our perspective. Many times it’s our own pride that doesn’t allow the truth to come in. Light is typically painful when we’ve been sitting in a dark space. At first it hurts our eyes, then our head. Eventually we adjust and it becomes a sigh of relief. The truth can hurt, but if we use it correctly it can become a stepping stone to greatness.

Change has also taught me to appreciate the path that others are on when their lives intersect with mine. “Crashing” into one another can do some permanent damage. However, I have learned not to judge. They too have a journey to take, so I will honor their process, even if it rubs my rough edges off. I may bitch and complain (who wouldn’t when you have a neck injury?), but eventually I calm down and find healing. In retrospect, I wouldn’t be able to move foward unless I had met them, and they helped me along the way – all the while they are figuring out their mess 🙂

Is there something in your life that you need to embrace? I’ve had a rough few months, but I am who I am and I am changing every day. I love me. I’ve learned to not care what others say or think about me. That has allowed me to embrace change and to learn from my mistakes. It would be easier to walk the sunny path, but then life would get boring.
Change is not the end of the world, but rather my path to freedom!

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2 Responses to Change

  1. MG says:

    Somebody once told me that people will resist change only to the point where the pain of changing is less than the pain of remaining the same. Hugs

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