Permission to Enjoy Life

I recently started a new job (this week), and I’m amazed at my poor behavior! I’ve been acting unreasonable and I’m obviously a glutton for punishment. For the first time in five years I am not stressed and exhausted. I am actually enjoying a day for what it is – a do over! Yet, I find myself needing to feel the busyness and the frustration of the past.

My poor behavior stems from my addiction to my dysfunction. I have felt like someone took my batteries out and now I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been in this place before; I recognize the symptoms.ย  Rewinding to the years passed, I remember I tried to train myself to be lazy. I wanted to prove to myself that I could sit still and relax. I never fully made it, but I got close. Now when I have down time, I sit and do something….like read a book or blog, or …. I just can’t sit and watch T.V. It’s not in my nature, and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with, is a need for false usefulness.

With that, I realize that I need to retrain myself to do less. It makes my teeth itch, but I feel so much lighter not carrying a load of stress on my shoulders. It startles the soul, like a splash of cold water on the face.

I guess this is a lesson to learn over and over and over again. Each time I have walked this way, I have adopted something permanent in my spirit. Prioritizing and learning to live carefree regardless of the chaos around us,ย  is the key to this life. It passes us by all to quickly. It’s hard, but if we slow down and take a deep breath, we may be able to conquer this invisible monster that sucks our lives away piece by piece.

My motto is this…(and it’s important to remember) life and all it’s little bitty problems will be there tomorrow, I promise. Enjoy today for what it is. You only get one shot at it!

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6 Responses to Permission to Enjoy Life

  1. nbonds007 says:

    Your beginning a new chapter which is exciting and fresh. Sometimes, when you’re in a same chapter for so long, you lose sight of life. The same boring or frustrating daily activities can weigh you down. I think it’s exciting when people turn the page and start fresh. You realize that change is good and learn from your past. It’s what makes us strong and become a better person.

    I wish you nothing but the best. You have accomplished so much and you deserve happiness! I’m excited for your new chapter.

    Oh! And I finally got around to finding your penny. ;^)

  2. ~Hermelynda~ says:

    “My addiction to my dysfunction”…..these words sit well in my mind like a great flavor sits well on my tongue.

    I appreciate your great sense of awareness stating such words; including “false usefulness”.

    Yes indeed to “life and all itโ€™s little bitty problems will be there tomorrow, I promise. Enjoy today for what it is.” Problems are part of the job description of life. Every single living being is susceptible to it, from the day you were born to the day that you die, if you have a $1 in your bank account or $100,000,000,000…you will inevitably face problems time after time.

    Like healthdemystified said “You canโ€™t control what happens to you, but you can choose the way you respond to what has happened.”

    And when problems come my way I look for the opportunity for growth of awareness and self development once I smother the learned instinct to respond negatively without appreciation. I come appreciate new lessons learned especially from my most tested times.

    Practice makes improvement. And with optimum improvement comes an unwavering sense of peace responding to any unwelcome moments like sweeping dust out the door as a way to refresh your home/spirit in a clean and positive state.

    ~~ Thank you for your post ~~

    • weelilwimsy says:

      You are welcome…and thank you. Everything you said rings true with me. I am always looking for opportunities to be a better version of me. Life is too short to be unhappy, and like you said, it’s all about how we respond to the annoyances of life. They will always be there, but our thoughts don’t have to follow that path. Instead we can use the moments as learning lessons and stepping stones to better opportunities. You are very insightful. Your blog is truly beautiful.

  3. ~Hermelynda~ says:

    Yes indeed our thoughts do not have to follow that path, you are very insightful as well. Thank you for your time and kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~ I truly appreciate our conversation. ~

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