Super Hero Writing Maniac

Sometimes I pretend my curling iron is a light saber …. Author Unknown

When was the last time you sat down to create anything and you thought,  hmmm, I think I will get into character? Today I did just that. I wanted to see how open I would be writing from a different view point (or to sit as a child with an old Halloween costume on eating fish sticks).

Today’s role play noted a few things for me:

1. It’s important to talk with ourselves when we hit the hard spots (even if we have to wear a mask and risk being thrown into a mental hospital). I found that thinking as an outsider brought me perspective. I was able to get away from my situation and take a break. It was my soul stay-cation.

2. When we try too hard to create we are pulling from a place that’s gooey. It’s tough to pull those ideas free and mold them into something fresh and new.

As you can see above, Yoda was my muse. He has been a favorite for wisdom and giggles since he appeared in Star Wars. Since I am small, I thought I may be able to tap into the Jedi creative universe if I used him as my avenue to create. So, I was lucky… I was given the opportunity to review a product for What better way to explore my creativity?

I picked a costume under $35 and they sent it to me free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion of the product and service received. I found a HUGE selection to choose from of TV and Movie Masks.  I had a difficult time not wanting everything. Their website was easy to navigate, thank goodness, because I may not have found my little buddy Yoda!

The service received for delivery was timely and the packaging was good quality.

The mask came in a plastic shipping envelope, and it was nicely tucked inside. The mask had paper inside to keep the integrity of the shape.

Yoda was really detailed and life-like.  My husband was sooo excited. I’m not sure but I think I heard him scream like a girl 🙂 See the husband try it out…

The mask was for a smaller head like mine, so it fit well on me. Yoda looks like a shrunken head on the husband, but it didn’t stop him from smelling the roses…or trees…. or….? (I’m surprised the picture came out, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stay still, the passerby’s were looking quite puzzled)

I thought the ears were a funny twist (they were big), so you could wear the mask like this~

The eye slits were in a good spot and it was fairly breathable. My daughter liked Yoda until Daddy scared her. Then she wasn’t too into it when Yoda tried to kiss her. I think she just looks angry.

If I were to buy the mask, I think it’s a fair price as it is made of decent sturdy material. It’s definitely unique. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone come to my door with this, but I do think it’s great for a child – they are small enough to pull off the little Yoda body. As with any Halloween mask you probably shouldn’t walk with it too far with it on. I ran into a few things 🙂

Today made me discover the child inside (which is important when creating). I am going to use Yoda to transport me to my creative place. It was fun. I highly recommend trying something new and out of the ordinary!

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2 Responses to Super Hero Writing Maniac

  1. clownonfire says:

    Yoda never looked better, even when he was just 35.
    I write my blog under the Le Clown persona, which is a challenge in itself as his arrogant and obnoxious character is quite different than the writer.
    But please don’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t want my readers to think I’m a softie.
    Le Clown

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