Imagination Running Wild

Creativity is about listening. It is the artist working to get what they hear down, instead of making something up and calling it art. It is only found in the “zone”.

I believe that creativity has to be harnessed or it can be a willy nilly activity that doesn’t necessarily produce quality. I know that I have experienced a “want to” to create, only to find that I had no direction, and what I produce is sub par. I walk away disappointed and frustrated. That only leads me to feel foolish and not-so-much like an artist.

The third week in Julia Cameron’s Right to Write is about allowing yourself the freedom to listen. This is where I had a breakthrough in my creativity process years ago. It’s about creating from the place where you “hear” and focus on writing/painting/placing it down on whatever media you choose. She says the “idea is not mine to generate, but to transcribe”. We are the vehicle, not the source.

Creativity comes from a higher place. It’s a place that exists for us to tap into as artists. It is our place of genius. When we stop “trying” to create and turn our inner senses on, it becomes easy. When doing this, it washes away our ego – which only complicates matters. For example, I have posted that I worry sometimes about my reader and how they may respond to my prose…do have the proper punctuation? Did I use my words correctly? Did I write beautifully enough to capture their heart?….bah! How nauseating can the human ego be?? This process only clogs the well.

We need to forget ourselves in order to create from the subconscious. In this, is self expression in its highest form. It then becomes about our art and not about us. I’ve learned that allowing my art/craft to lead me is the most wild place to create from. It really boils down to whether or not we are able to lose control in our imagination.

What have been your experiences in this place of abandon?

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5 Responses to Imagination Running Wild

  1. zainabmarnie says:

    nice blog u’ve got here. i’m following ur blog now.

    Zainab —-follow me πŸ˜€

  2. clownonfire says:

    I like this post… Le Clown is all of that. His blog started off not really knowing what the goal would be. If you read the first posts to what it has become now, it will be apparent how Le Clown has become alive, and it couldn’t have happened if I didn’t let him lead the way…
    Le Clown

    • weelilwimsy says:

      Le Clown…you must be awesome if you came through so strong. How could anyone NOT listen to you!

      I’m finding creative writing is about being open to our characters and allowing them to tell the story. When I paint, it’s seeing shapes emerge and show themselves to me as my brush hits the canvas. It’s really not about us πŸ™‚

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