The Mother of all Lies

The trick to finding time to write (or create) is to do it from the perspective of love and not product ~ Julia Cameron

Well, today is Saturday and I got a good hard slap in the face when reading Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write. This is the 3rd week of walking through her book and blogging about my experience. The hard topic today is….drum roll please….TIME.

The initial slap came when I read…”If I had a year off I’d write a novel”. Hmph. How many times have I heard that come out of my mouth? It seems to be the universal lie we tell ourselves. It’s an excuse to fail. Someone else is to blame for our lack of passion and want to. It’s too hard, too competitive, and well, time is the perfect scape goat.

Creating anything takes time. So does having a family, working a job or two, cooking dinner, feeding dogs, raking leaves, cleaning house…etc. What’s the difference between those who live their dreams and those that don’t? How they value time.

I believe those that are successful, obviously don’t get there overnight. It’s a process, a decision, and a journey. Learning how to use our time and leaving our lies to fall to the ground is the first step toward reaching our goals. We should be actively creating a love affair with our art.

Julia’s point in this third chapter was to steal time. To do it one sentence at a time.  She mentioned she had friends that did it on a commuter train, on coffee breaks, at Dr. appointments, or while the onion’s sauteed on the stove. I wonder if J.K. Rowling knew this secret? Did she steal her moments in a coffee shop while her infant daughter napped because she was smitten with her art?

A friend of mine loves painting and wants to do it every waking moment she has. She does one small detail each morning between waking and going to work; coming home and cooking dinner, homework and bed. She uses what she has, to do what she loves. I’m sure this dedication will pay off. If not, it at least brings her happiness, and that is good enough for me!

Every time I use the TIME excuse, I am going to start saying I do have time…an abundance of time…and I am going to write whenever I can until that lie disappears.

What excuse do you use or why/how do you use time as a scape goat?

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12 Responses to The Mother of all Lies

  1. Reblogged this on creative2write and commented:
    I check the time too much!
    This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. (:

  2. I steal time as often as possible because self-doubt has stolen enough from me over the years.

  3. clownonfire says:

    Le Clown is successful by just being magnificent. It’s not an easy burden to live with.
    Le Clown

  4. healthdemystified says:

    That’s so true. I totally believe if you want it enough, you’ll somehow find the time. Amen, sister!

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