Identity Crisis

Mondays are personal growth days here at Weelilwimsy. My opinion is that Monday’s suck, period. We are recovering from a shock to our system by going back to work or school; getting up with the crazy chickens (whoever the hell they are). This will hopefully kick off the week and send you into something more meaningful than just getting up, going to work/school, going home…and repeating all of the above.


“The goal of human life is to live beyond the small, narrow, prison of our own cares, wants, and worries. By learning to choose what is good and right, we give ourselves the keys to true freedom” ~ Desmond Tutu

I picked up a few books this week that have challenged my thinking. I like books with meaty messages. I like to chew and savor them. I have found three books this week that I am loving! Each book has a resident theme that runs through them like a refreshing river. It’s a message of love. It’s a timeless message, and it’s one that renews my faith in man (it’s so easy to look at all the ugliness and forget who we really are).

Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama both acknowledge that the human race is interconnected. We all are one. Children know this concept and live by this motto. We lose this truth as we get older and life jades our sweet little minds.

One of the books I found by Desmond Tutu is called, Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference. I believe (just as he does) that the “goodness” in each of us – you know the one we are all born with – is what we need, in order to recognize who we were created to be.

Before I get into the message of this book, I should first state that I believe in God (gasp). It seems to be unpopular these days. However, I also believe in truth. I believe that God, and the Universe, and Buddha and Whoever He may be is all of the above. He is truth and He created everything good; and that is inclusive of everything. I’m not a fan of religion. I believe it is just a vehicle for man to figure the hard stuff out, and it often ruins people’s lives.

Desmond Tutu shares his life experiences (which are horrific to my western mind) and the evils he has encountered in this world. These events have not made him bitter in the least. He has leaned more and more on his faith, and as a result his soul is stunningly beautiful. I wanted to cry a few times through the first few chapters because his words were so full of truth. They challenged me to stop trying to be good enough, and to just be good…because that is who I was created to be. It’s already in me.

Every person on this earth is born with a goodness in his/her soul. We believe a lie that we have placed upon one another – that we have to earn love. Unfortunately, we stop being human beings and we hop on this merri-go-round of the human doing club. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired….We never measure up to anyone’s standards, and often times we don’t measure up to our own. I want to get off this treadmill of trying to make my life count; and I want to accept the first truth (and the only truth) – that I am lovable because my Creator loves me.

Life is messy. We get dirty, we get stuck, sometimes lost; and we can feel alone more often than we like to admit. I think this journey of truth seeking is an exhilarating one, but it also comes with some heartache.  Understanding that love is at the center of our souls is tough for our unlovable brains to grasp.Why would we ever want to acknowledge someone who is bad (insert your definition of bad here) as someone that is worth loving? But they started out just like we did…good…and God loves them the same as He loves us.

If you get a chance, Desmond Tutu has beautiful words and wonderful examples of what love is, in his book. I think I’m going to reflect on these for a while and meet you all back here in a week to talk about what I’ve learned 🙂

This week I encourage you to reflect on your own goodness and how you show goodness to those around you. How has this challenged you? What challenges you when you hear the word LOVE? How has this changed your life?

Until then….be well and be happy!

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4 Responses to Identity Crisis

  1. Mandy says:

    Great message! I completely agree. We all need a little reality check and reminder sometimes to stop trying so hard and just be ourselves. But I think if we’re trying to go out of our way to be good or do good, then we’re already good enough. Does that make sense?? ha! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Beautifully written. Missed it earlier, but I guess inspiration comes at the right time, whenever we need it.

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