Creatively Bad Behavior

Working through Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write has had me do too much thinking. This week is about letting it all hang out. It’s about not following the rules and writing badly. I like to think of it as trash talking because trashy just seems to be a sexier vernacular when talking about how badly we can bomb as artists.

So how many of you have created something you love only to have it trashed by someone else? That’s not so sexy, it’s hurtful and rude. Creating bad art or bad writing takes talent and typically calls for critics. It doesn’t follow rules and it is created from the song carried out in one’s head. We see or hear the tune, and transmit on paper. There is no rhyme or reason to it or for it, it just is.

Books that are written perfectly are boring. Books that play with words and make our heads connect with images and outlandish ideas are fantastic. Art in any form, when it takes on the dimension of being the bad girl, becomes alluring. Both men and women love a little mystery when pursuing the opposite sex. It’s the untold story that keeps us moving toward someone that we know will destroy us. It’s the nature of humans to want to touch something they know is bad for them. Art should be the same way. We should unveil a portion of naughtiness and lure our readers; create wild images or sounds that overload the senses. Then, and only then have we achieved greatness. Who cares about those that don’t approve of our coloring outside the lines. Art is not about following rules. It’s about learning to live without boundaries and to trust ourselves enough to create something outlandish. Only then will be feel fulfilled.

I thought I would include the exercise Julia lists in the book for those of you that would like to participate. I have changed it up so it is applicable to all forms. Enjoy yourself this week and try to be bad!


Look through tabloid sites or magazines. Find stories that interest you and look to be inspired. Pick 5 or so stories that you are drawn to and look for the common theme. Are they completely ridiculous or are they sad? How crazy are they on a scale of 1-10?

Pick up your art of choice and create. Just get it out. Let your emotions guide you and enjoy the ride. See what transpires and don’t allow the censor in your head to speak. Put duct tape over its mouth, and tie the bastard up for an hour or so as you finish your business. It will be worth it šŸ™‚

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