The Book Thief…My New Fave

Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief  

I have been commuting by train to work, and I have had more than my share of time to read. Most days, I fall asleep while reading. Not a good thing to do when you wake and don’t know where you are 🙂 

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a book I would recommend. It is my new fave. This is one of those gems that is the bad girl of books (if you’re not sure what that means, read my post on Creatively Bad Behavior). I am convinced the author has my mind. He is very descriptive and quirky with his words. I immediately get sucked in with the style. The storyline is cryptic and pulls the reader further in. It does not follow a particular pattern of hooking a reader, and I like that. At first I flipped through the book because of confusion, and as I kept reading, it still wasn’t answered – funny twist. I finally have a sense of it now…

I’ve not finished the book yet, but it is about a girl who steals books and the reason is unclear other than the fact that she wants to learn how to read. I will say that death plays a main character and I love his personality. It all takes place in Nazi Germany and the suspense builds as you get further and further into the book. The young girl struggles after losing her mother and her brother, while living in a foster home. She finds her new parents harsh and endearing (one is what the other isn’t) and she makes friends with German boys. The family honors a promise and the suspense climbs from there. They are safekeeping a jewish man in the heart of Germany.

While my review is incomplete, the purpose of this post was to pay tribute to a storyteller that has a way with words; he is very poetic. If I could plagiarize in order to demonstrate his ability to write, I completely would. Instead, I will just encourage you to pick up the book and read it. That’s all 🙂

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3 Responses to The Book Thief…My New Fave

  1. well it’s got me intrigued enough to give it a read! there’s something magical about a book that absorbs you, isn’t there 🙂

  2. Ah, I love The Book Thief, one of my favourite books. It is just so well written, and it is a brilliant book the whole way through. 🙂

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