Journaling or Something Like That

Well, as you may have noticed, I’m behind. Life just ran over me this past week, and I ended up needing a break (So much was going on). I have missed blogging, I have missed reading…. I have missed unwinding through writing.

Over the weekend I was to continue Julia Cameron’s Right to Write chapter on the Writing Life. Today is the day I got to it šŸ™‚ and what a moment of truth. She talks about the writing life and how our art can be an outlet for pain, or happiness. It can be a place of comfort or exhilaration. Many of us, I’m sure, have had diaries or journals through our lifetime and can attest to the way they make us feel. A journal can be in any form. If it comes from your heart, it is effective.

Since I’ve not been able to write I felt as though I was separated from a loved one. I thought about it day and night, longing to steal a moment, but that moment never came. The guilt set in and I’ve not been happy since. Sitting here, typing away my heart is smiling. It has been instant lift to my spirit and I feel connected to myself again.

There is something to be said about art. I’ve used it to vent, to spill my secrets, or to just get energy on paper. It’s such a tender and personal process. We long to have a life filled with successful art/writing, yet we can easily neglect ourselves in the most intimate way…by ignoring our creativity. What a way to defeat the purpose!

I can’t promise that I will never run away from my art again, but I sure will be more aware of my behavior. It’s time to be good to ourselves. Take 15 mins and write or do what you do best…get it all out…connect with you…

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2 Responses to Journaling or Something Like That

  1. Halfpint says:

    It’ll take me fewer than 15 minutes to do what I do best… šŸ˜‰

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