Glass Art – Pushing the Limits Part 2

There are so many artists that are making a difference in the world. There is a non-profit group where I live called Hilltop Artists that is changing lives …one person at a time. Placed in a Tacoma, WA neighborhood that has been working its way through an urban revitalization, they help youth find solace and self expression through art….glass blowing specifically.

Hilltop Artists is teaching others how to have pride and belief in themselves by crafting the same type of art as mentioned in my last post about Dale Chihuly. If you are not familiar with him, take some time to read my last post and visit his website. 

 I found a video that shows you exactly what Hilltop Artists do. I hope you enjoy watching how contagious art can be. I’d like to volunteer there someday!


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2 Responses to Glass Art – Pushing the Limits Part 2

  1. It is great to see young people excited and engaged while imagining and making art. For a long time now, education has been about what is necessary to be successful in business; and deliberately eliminated music and art from the curriculum. I remember as a kid getting excited about art and music classes and dutifully learning my math and science, too. I can’t imagine how gray school would have felt without art and music. Some educational experts believe it is easier for people to learn when analytical skills are combined with the creative side of our brains. When I think about it, the creative drought years may have been important as a societal experiment. It certainly makes it seem obvious when I see the video you posted that art and music are important to developing whole beings.

    • weelilwimsy says:

      I found that one of the young men in the video was expressing an interest in the art not only for the enjoyment, but because it possibly was giving him something in his life that he can control. I liked that a lot. Glad you enjoyed it!

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