Goodbye….Sniff Sniff

Today I will be signing off and no longer a part of the blogging community, other than a reader. Being a new mom, it’s been difficult learning how to juggle all the demands of mommyhood, being a workerbee, and of course¬†wifey. It has finally kicked my arse. BUT!!! It’s a good arse kickin.

It’s a good day because my family needs me ūüôā That is why I am sidelining this activity.¬†I just don’t have the time I’d like to devote to blogging. It’s not fair to my readers (or myself) to only post when I have a second, and to do it half-heartedly. I may reappear some day; I’m not sure, but I will continue writing.

I wish everyone who has stopped by Weelilwimsy well. It’ s been really fun and a pleasure¬†getting to know you all. There are some that I have grown to be a bit fond of, and I will frequent your blogs when time permits. There is so much beauty and creativity out there in blog land; I am truly inspired by you all.


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Glass Art – Pushing the Limits Part 2

There are so many artists that are making a difference in the world. There¬†is a¬†non-profit group where I live called¬†Hilltop Artists that is changing lives …one person at a time.¬†Placed in a Tacoma, WA¬†neighborhood that has been working its way through¬†an urban revitalization,¬†they help youth find solace and self expression through art….glass blowing specifically.

Hilltop Artists is teaching others how to have pride and belief in themselves by crafting the same type of art as mentioned in my last post about Dale Chihuly. If you are not familiar with him, take some time to read my last post and visit his website. 

¬†I found a video that shows you exactly what¬†Hilltop Artists¬†do. I hope you enjoy watching how contagious art can be.¬†I’d like to volunteer there someday!


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Glass Art – Pushing the Limits Part 1

The Pacific NW in the United States is a playground for artists. The area celebrates creativity. I find it fascinating that it rains so much here, but the creativity and the art that is born is colorful and and full of life.

One of our treasured artists is Dale Chihuly. He is well known around the world for his beautiful creative glass work. If you have been to Las Vegas, his creations adorn galleries and the Bellagio hotel lobby. I’ve only experienced a sliver of what he has accomplished, but I have found that his artwork has inspired many to follow in his footsteps.


Glass art is unique. It has an element of danger to it. I believe many are drawn to it because of it’s unusual presentation. I found a few YouTube videos (and there were plenty to choose from) to share. I also have divided this post into two parts. Part 1 to celebrate¬†Dale’s work, and to introduce the marvel of his creativity to those that may not know about him. Part¬†2¬†is about how his art has inspired and stimulated not only our physical senses, but the local community.¬†¬†Art really has come full circle when it is used to inspire goodness in others. I can’t wait to share what I found!

Here is a video of his process and what he thinks about creativity.

This one is a time lapse of one of the many chandeliers he produces. It’s phenomenal. I had no idea it took that much work, or that it was done that way!

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Hail to the Nana


I’m going to probably offend some with my post today. It’s too fantastic not to share!

I was driving home yesterday from work and I saw a car that had an odd bumper sticker on the back window. It said EAT A LOT SHIT BIG.

I pulled up next to the car at the light, and there was an 85 year old woman with red hair driving the car. I have been laughing ever since. I instantly fell in love with her and wished she was my grandma.

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Laughter Is An Art

Comedians are artists. I wrote about Jonathan Winters a few weeks ago, but that was mainly because of his paintings. This week I want to honor comedians. It is an art to be able to make someone laugh; a talent that is natural like those that can sing or dance. I found a video that made me giggle. It’s a nostalgia piece and is amusing at best even though the quality is poor. Enjoy the art of dance ūüôā

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I’ve been struggling to find time in my life. It feels like the end of a winter season, where things are wanting to sprout and begin a new growth cycle. It’s a difficult place to be in.

I was going to continue on with my Julia Cameron book/chapter review but decided since I’m needing a break, we all could use one ūüôā I will continue it shortly. In the meantime, I am going to reassess and move forward where my heart guides me.

Lately, I’ve been reflective on how much I want my dreams to materialize. I’ve been to a few pity parties (they really aren’t as fun as they may seem), and I’ve thought about quitting. I’m exhausted on the inside, fighting to remain on this path; however, what I am learning is invaluable.

Before anything can bloom, the seed has to first be planted, then it has to die. Only then will it be able to rise and blossom into what it was supposed to be. This is a terribly painful process of letting go. Selfish ambition cannot exist in this place.

I’m a firm believer that we all possess gifts of some kind. These aren’t given to us for our enjoyment, rather they have been given to help others. For this reason, I have decided not to quit. People who achieve their dreams and make an impact in this world by helping others, did whatever they needed to to achieve it. If I want it bad enough, I will do the same.

I read a blog post by someone I think is an incredible writer and would like to share it here. Take time and read about bleeding for your dream. It truly hit home for me. Maybe it will have the same impact on you.

Today is my proclamation that I will not quit. Despite the storms around me, I will not give up. Time is limited on this earth, and struggles only make us shine brighter ūüôā

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A Vacation to Remember

I apologize for the lack luster posts¬†lately. I’m kinda tired if truth be told. I’m not sure why, but life got super duper busy and my body finally said, no more…Do you ever get to that point where everything catches you at once and its tough to move? The good news is, I think I’m on the side of the mountain where I’m catching up on my rest and I will be ready to keep going!

Since we all can use a break once in a while, I want to¬†honor those that have¬†hectic, fast paced lives. It may be by choice (which might cause you at some point to prioritize and slow down) or it could be that you are doing what you have to do to get things done. For others it could be just the sheer glory of enjoying life so much that¬†you¬†squeeze everything you can out of it. Whatever it may be…this one is for you.

Click on the photo. Drink it in. Smell the clouds, taste the sunshine, and let the serenity refresh your soul where it feels scratchy. Don’t leave the scenery until you have fully imagined yourself on the shore. It will do you good. I promise.

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