Lint Picking

Okay, so this makes me want to pick, but not exactly at the lint on my sweater. Quite frankly, this picture has nothing to do with creativity….although it could be said this fellow had some; he was confident enough to show his inward personality on the outside…in public… covered in fur.

Enough said. Happy Friday!

This week’s chapter in Julia Cameron’s Right to Write is about lint picking. This is the undo criticism we may receive as we create. The key is, to remain open enough to receive constructive criticism, and yet know when people are being motivated by a mean spirit.

I’ve endured many criticisms or lint pickers in my life. None more than when it comes to my art. As I said in my last post, I’m a children’s author among other stuff. I write senseless material that doesn’t fit into an adult mold.

Because these lint pickers didn’t understand or know me well enough, I was told not to write so dark, or so silly. When someone said, “but that doesn’t happen in real life” (picture heroic unicorns rescuing a soldier cornered by a giant), it destroyed me. It took me a long time to weed through the hurt to find my source of joy.

I had allowed someone’s opinion of my art, to steal years from me. I didn’t create. I balled it up on the inside and allowed them to pick at my soul. I then helped by picking away even further, once the hole was big enough. It took me a long time to venture back from that pain. I guess that is why I have such an affinity for those that create. I understand where it comes from.

I still don’t take criticism well when it comes to my art. I am much like a child on the inside that loves everything about what I just created. I realize I’m probably never going to achieve greatness that way…then again, isn’t that a characteristic of those that succeed?

Time will tell. In the meantime, there are folks like the guy in the photo above that give us plenty of motivation to create.  Viva fur man!

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3 Responses to Lint Picking

  1. yasniger says:

    I am surprised that you `don’t take criticism well when it comes to (your) art`. You do not seem the sort. It is a wonderful virtue to be able to accept criticism; at least to outwardly come to terms with views expressed differently from yours. I suppose we are all `much like a child on the inside that loves everything about what (we) creat. So their is no secret to accepting that we could have produced something not quite good, that could be displeasing. Still not being able to tell how acceptable what we have made is to others & what others think of it, is worse really. Afterall, we creat for all to partake, even if it ought to please us too.

    I consider it rather defeatist to hear you make a remark like `I realize I’m probably never going to achieve greatness!` No one is destined to any form of greatness really & the manner of it is steered by the momentary circumstances that warrant it. You reek of lofty things! That much is obvious to me from this end. OK now I sound like a shrink!

    The fur guy should make a poster for the animal rights people! It will be huge, if they use him right, me think; that is with care to show nothing of that offensive ass of his!


    • weelilwimsy says:

      Oh the criticism that’s constructive is okay, it’s those that feel wrong that I don’t do well. I have had too many of those in my life… Hmph. On the other hand, I just love living in my moment and creating. It feels natural. If I only get to share my world of creativity with my daughter that is enough stardom for me 🙂

      • yasniger says:

        Oh I have a problem with some negative criticism too! Still it gives me a kick to know what even the gremlins think of me, I guess

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